Fabish Refreshing Toner
Fabish Refreshing Toner
Fabish Refreshing Toner
Fabish Refreshing Toner
Fabish Refreshing Toner

Fabish Refreshing Toner

100 ML
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What's the best way to care for your skin? The answer is to use a gentle, natural, and soothing face toner! Our Fabish Refreshing Toner will leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It contains natural ingredients like Orange peel, Lemon, and Cucumber which are soothing and cooling for sensitive skin. It also contains Lemon, which helps to repair and regenerate skin cells. Do you want the best skin care products? You should use a gentle face toner that soothes and cools your skin. We have the best facial toners with natural ingredients. Come see this face toner today.

Fabish Refreshing Toner, with Orange peel, Lemon, Cucumber

1. Fresh & clean
2. Our toner, like all of our products, is made with natural ingredients.
3. 100% Natural Ingredients
4. Toner is the perfect way to care for your skin

Orange peel-- Orange peel is a natural exfoliant that may help exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin's surface and regenerate new ones. It is therefore ideal for eliminating tans, unclogging pores, and eradicating blackheads.
Lemon-- Lemons are acidic and antibacterial, effectively combating the bacteria that causes inflammatory acne. Furthermore, the astringent properties of lemon juice for skin prevent breakouts from getting worse by decreasing inflammation and irritation.
Cucumber-- Cucumbers, which are high in folic acid and Vitamin C, can help to decrease edoema and puffiness of the skin. Folic acid protects the eyes from environmental pollutants that cause puffiness. If you've been sleeping poorly and have puffy black circles under your eyes, this might be really beneficial.

1. First, wash your face.
2. Apply toner on a cotton pad.
3. Apply the toner lightly to your face and neck.
4. Allow one minute for the toner to dry.
5. Apply any treatment products and moisturiser at the end.
6. Use toner twice a day.



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